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Urgent Causes

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Chronic diseases threaten progress against HIV/AIDS in Africa

“The global success in bringing antiretroviral treatment to HIV-infected patients in the developing world has brought a new set of health challenges. Many patients once condemned to death by AIDS now suffer from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) related to the infection itself. Estimates indicate that chronic illnesses have already overtaken infectious diseases as the main killers in the developing world. Increasing rates of NCDs among people with HIV, if unaddressed, “may set back or even reverse the impressive health gains achieved over the last decade,” according to the authors.” Scientists say the chronic, noncommunicable disease research agenda requires urgent attention, as more Africans survive HIV only to be struck by an NCD.

Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS):
September 1, 2014
The Agatha Foundation goes beyond projects and has design high priority intervention target programs to help address this situation. To accomplish this goal, Agatha Foundation is seeking for your partnership to highlight significant change and positive outcomes within the community that will be beneficial for all members of the society and at the same time will enhance the lives of vulnerable groups in the community.

High Priority Initiative Target Programs

  • Target population: women of child bearing age and pregnant women and children from the ages of 0-2 years


  • Involvement of the local population (traditional rulers, administrative authorities, medical authorities, elites, etc.)
  • Simple comprehensive educational HIV and AIDS programs with simple modules, taking into consideration the traditional and cultural practices of the particular population
  • Sensitization, counseling, free screening and follow-up
  • Safe baby feeding educational methods
  • Provision of free ARV, mother baby pack
  • Husbands or fathers involvement program on HIV and AIDS

Capacity building

  • Training and monitoring programs for medical personnel, care-givers
  • Education of traditional heal providers as per HIV and AIDS

Provision of Healthcare facilities

  • Health centers, counseling, Lab facilities and screening facilities High Priority Initiative Target Programs

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