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Organizational Chart

The Organizational Vision of The Agatha Foundation
It is our vision to uplift and implement positive changes in the lives of at-risks members of the communities. This leading non-governmental and non-profit organization influences women, young people and children to be empowered and face uncertainties of life through education, medical and socio-economic assistance.

The Agatha Foundation is structured such that there is an overarching Board of Trustees that ensures the foundation and its activities are in sync with the mission and vision. Our Board of Trustees is drawn from a wide pool of experts in the areas of interest of the foundation and is a mixed patch making a beautiful mosaic.

The day-to-day functioning of the foundation is managed by a team of excellent staff made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Office manager, Programs Director/Coordinator, communications & development associate, grants specialist and an accountant.

Though headquartered in the US, the foundation has roots in the continent of Africa. There are field offices in Cameroon and Nigeria overseen by Country directors and a range of volunteers.

Organizational chart

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