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Multi Purpose Health and Wellness Center

Multi Purpose Health and Wellness Centre, Limbe, Cameroon.

The Agatha Foundation has acquired ten hectares of land in the seaside resort town of Limbe, Cameroon. On this parcel of land, we intend to accomplish the vision of the foundation.

In the first phase, we shall set up an ultra modern health facility with a radiology center, a dialysis center, a laboratory, a well-equipped delivery room, a rehabilitation and fitness center.

Even though open to the general public, this center shall serve the needs of mainly women and underprivileged children. Free mammograms, pap smears, cancer screenings are services and more the center shall engage in.

This center shall pioneer e-health care as we shall establish a partnership with the many Cameroonian and African physicians familiar with tropical diseases and working abroad;

Shall attract a batch of specialists to serve in the hospital championing medical missions from the USA, Europe, China and India.

Monthly community outreach through seminars on prevention strategies

Phase two: Orphanage and Women’s Empowerment Center

At the heart of The Agatha Foundation is empowerment of women. Like Agatha Happi (RIP), many women suffer abusive relationships and marriages generally in silence. Unlike Mrs. Agatha Happi who had nowhere to turn to for help, The Agatha Foundation seeks to create space to serve as a place of refuge and solace for any such women. The center shall provide counseling services, advocacy and capacity building.

The center shall host the S.T.E.M. Initiative in Cameroon and run events, trainings and workshops related to the initiative.

Critical to the role of the center is skills development with adult literacy programs, computer literacy, tailoring and hair dressing, Food and Nutrition, basic nursing among others with the aim of enabling the women to be marketable and employable.

To perpetuate the legacy of Mama Agatha Happi, the foundation shall also run an orphanage on this land. With the number of street children increasing, and abandoned kids skyrocketing, it is incumbent to follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Happi and look after orphans.

“If the Lord does not build a house in vain do its builders labor.”
True healing comes from the Lord. The Foundation draws its inspiration from the Gospel and so at the center of this project, we shall construct a non-denominational chapel. This will serve as hallowed ground providing needed space for healing. Many will come to experience God’s presence through this facility.

A Brick at a time
Engrave your name on this center by providing a brick at a time by donating $100 this dreamed can be realized. There is no limit to the number of bricks anybody can donate.

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