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Healthcare: Health is wealth!

Mens Sana in corporesano – A healthy mind in a healthy body.
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Over the course of the last three decades, the dominant scare of our time was the HIV/AIDS. While this still remains a challenge, cancer and hepatitis have also become contemporary epidemics.

Empowerment through knowledge is part of our strategy given that prevention is better than cure.Our partnership with different state and local departments of health and groups has been able to reach out to the community to educate folks on the ABCs of the aforementioned diseases- HIV/AIDS. We organize outreach programs, health seminars and screening within different communities in DC, Maryland and in different Africa countries, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS.

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Individuals in rural areas and urban centers have limited access to health information, clinical services, medicines and continued education. Africa is faced with myriad of issues that adversely affect young and old. In stages of early childhood development, particularly ages five and under, brain development and child mortality are affected by HIV infection, by those who are HIV+ as well as family members affected by HIV. Interventions are urgently needed to reduce high risk women and children’s risk exposure and promote development in affected children. The Agatha Foundation goal is to provide tools to benefit the world’s poorest women and children, reduce persistent inequalities and reduce mortality rates among neglected families. Africa’s high rates of HIV and lack of available resources make it more likely that children of women in poverty and in prostitution, and their children, have less access to resources to stem this epidemic.

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Medical Equipment Scheme for African Hospitals
Too many women die in Africa during deliveries just because of lack of right equipment. Most of our hospitals are poorly equipped and basic illnesses turn out to be deadly for want of the right diagnostic tools. The Agatha Foundation seeks to improve on the quality of the healthcare system in Africa by providing medical equipment for hospitals in Africa and if needed provide training for personnel on the correct usage of the equipment.

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