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Entrepreneurship and Leadership

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Even though women face enormous challenges within society, one group that has a peculiar set of problems is widows and single mothers. In some African cultures, widows are deprived of basic rights and are frequently abused. In order to give them a voice and lift them out of the poverty cycle,The Agatha Foundation has set up a cooperative meant to enhance skills and develop capacity.

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  • Hence there is a farming wing whereby those women with agricultural competencies, farm and bring their produce to the cooperative and we provide a market. Through a partnership with boarding schools for example, we are able to get a reasonable price for beans, vegetables, corn, plantains to name but these.
  • Some are good in embroidery and so we set up a loan scheme which allows them to get basic materials and then stitch traditional African wear, caps, bags etc. Then we are now opening up a market here in the United States where in partnership with some groups we guarantee the quick sales of these products.
  • There is livelihood as most of these women can sponsor their children in schools, provide food, clothing and shelter and even save.


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Beyond just doing things for and with women and children, The Agatha Foundation has a primary duty to also be with and stand for women and children. Our partnerships with Human Rights Defense groups, law firms, multilateral institutions and NGOs provide us a platform to advocate for the rights and needs of women and children.

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