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Community Service

ladies keeping garbage containers

The problem of homelessness in our community is acute. In partnership with HOTPIC in Cameroon, The Agatha Foundation helps provide shelter for homeless children and girls. We know of women thrown out of their homes by their husbands for different reasons or spouses abused and battered. It is a common tale to hear of girls who become pregnant out of wedlock disowned by their families and left to themselves and pressured to abort against their will or lose accommodation. The HIV stigma further compounds the story.

In partnership with mental health facilities in Washington DC, The Agatha Foundation provides transportation to the homeless to their psychiatric appointments. In addition, we provide them with breakfast and clothing at these facilities to help uplift and reduce the pressure of going through life as a homeless.

group of teenagers cleaning the backyard

Environmental Sanitation
Environmental sanitation is a major public health issue in Africa. The Agatha Foundation promotion of health of the community by providing clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. Improvement in sanitation through our youths by public demonstration and education is the strategy we use to awaken the communities.

teens picking garbage in the seashore

The key intervention areas are individual household latrines, school sanitation and hygiene education, and community sanitary of public areas. The Agatha Foundation emphasizes on quality protection and prevention of contamination of water and advises to be proactive and participatory.

Our main goals are to providing sustainable water supplies and sanitation for urban and semiurban areas, Provide an efficient and safe waste disposal, and environmental hygiene.

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