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African Women and Girls

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Agatha implements a pre-determined plan that promotes long-term fundamental change as we provide projects designed to promote women’s human rights. Agatha’s projects focus on sustainability – so that the changes will carry over to future generations. Agatha has a large support base of doctors, nurses, volunteers and donors who support and implement our projects.

“All people have boundless dignity and all lives have equal value”(Melinda Gates, 2015). Agatha is a leading non-governmental non-profit organization that prepares women to be empowered. We help them face uncertainties of life through socioeconomic assistance, on-site education and hands-on workshops in concert as we deliver medical care.

The Agatha Foundation helps women fulfill their full potential by making sure they receive quality medical care for every phase of their life. We have chosen to be an active player in turning around the conditions of women who live in poverty and die too young in Cameroon. Agatha delivers onsite services and training so women will be strong and empowered to acquire roles in the society as well as open doors for more opportunities. We uplift all women and implement positive changes in their lives.

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Agatha believes that healthy mothers give birth to healthy babies to create healthier and more stable societies. In Africa, maternal health care is the biggest challenge for women and girls. Yes, young girls give birth. Both mother and child are in high danger of not surviving the birthing process because the young girl’s pelvic structure is too small for the baby to pass through. As a result, pregnancy and childbirth is the leading cause of early death for women and girls worldwide. Added to this global dilemma is the fact that girls are less likely to attend school and receive an education – therefore, they are ignorant of their own bodies. This lack of basic knowledge results in too many unplanned pregnancies that take a terrible toll on the mother, child, family and the entire community.

These facts clearly show that birth control (child spacing) and delay of pregnancy until the girl is fully matured is paramount to improving the conditions of women and girls, globally. Agatha is devoted to changing these conditions for the women and girls of Cameroon. In order to heal Africa, we must heal the people of Africa first. To do so, is to save Africa from despair, desolation and death. Agatha is working to keep Africa alive and healthy and prosperous through their many projects in Cameroon.

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Agatha asks for your prayers and support. The tasks are many and the costs are deadly. Women and girls are dying every day in Cameroon from conditions that can be treated. They must be taught how to take control of their health and bodies – for their sake and the sake of their families. If we cannot keep them healthy, how can we teach them new skills and give them the information they need to empower them to survive in a society the does not honor or protect them? Choose to be part of the solution, donate or volunteer for Agatha; your decision will make a world of difference in the lives of thousands of women and girls in Cameroon. You will never regret you chose to help – contact Agatha:

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